LEVEL 1 Basic English Course


    >> Grammar Quick Revision

    Tense Clarity, Parts of speech , Prepositions, Articles, Conjunctions,

    >> Sentence Structure

    Phrases, Clauses, Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences, Direct and Indirect Speech

    >> Written Composition

    Spellings, Vocabulary, Paragraph writing, Dialogue Writing


    LEVEL 2 Advanced English Course


    >> Conversation skills

    Listening, Questioning, Diplomatic language, Usage of idioms and phrases

    >> Group Discussion skills

    Developing an argument, Analyzing the group discussion, Supporting Points, Taking turns, Summarizing

    >> Interview skills

    Resume writing, Body Language, Presentation skills, Interview Handling


    Students' reviews :

    Review -1               Review -2            Review -3           

    Super Achievers is awarded by British Council

    Review -4               Review -5            Review -6        Review -7

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