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Prabodh Khare


  • Super  Achievers’s  classes for IELTS have provided me with a  strong foundation to appear for the English Language exam. Moreover, my instructor was always available for my help to prepare better for my scintillating performance in this exam. On the top of it, Empathy and courteous nature of sagacious mentors of this institute are the precursor to my IELTS Score.

    Further, I thankful to all staff of ‘SUPER ACHIEVERS ABROAD EDUCATION’ for fortify my strength and conquer my weakness.

    Hemant Sharma,IELTS Band 8, 7 in each

  • I have attended the IELTS training in S.A.A.E., where my instructor conducted the classes with providing great insights for the foundation of my credential. The advice I got really helped me face the test with more confidence and I could score astonish band.

    In addition to this, methodology of training is one-to-one student. In this notion, candidate can score facile victory over IELTS exam.

    Bala Ji,IELTS Band 8

  • Z .H.,72 points PTE-Academic,68 in each

  • I am thankful to 'Super Achievers Abroad Education' to explore my abilities through their expert's advise and they tought me technique of writing , reading along with speaking and listening.

    It is true to say that i had very few days to prepare for this exam on account of my job and my personal responsibilities.But, Honrable Dolly maidam and Shobhit sir have provided their individual attention during my flexible visits.

    I strongly recommond this institute to those folks, who have few days to score 7 band in each


    Nisha Padmajan,Engineer 7.5 band

  • I have scored band 7 in each module of IELTS exam and all credit goes to my mentors because they have improved my skills similarly assessed my weakness.


  • I am thankful to Shobhit, seeing as, his astonished navigation catalyzed for my score.

    Initially, I was feared about my performance in this exam but my mentor's strategies were boon for me. Owing to that phenomenon, I became able to get more than what I require.


    Vinay Dabas,entrepreneur 71 points in PTE-Academic

  • I have scored 71 points overall but 89 points in speaking of PTE Academic exam, through requirement was 54 points only. No doubt, one-month training, in Super Achievers Abroad Education, has catalyzed my skills.I appreciate dedication & methodology of Shobhit Sir.Therefore, I recommend that S.A.A.E. is the best training centre for Pearson test of English-Academic in Delhi NCR.

    Deepti Dabas ,

  • I have scored 86/90 in the PTE-Academic exam with the training of one month by Shobhit Sir, so I perceive that Super Achievers Abroad Education is the most credible coaching institute for Pearson Test of English in Delhi NCR. Subsequently, I reckon that here educators are courteous seeing as they have motivated me regularly and I have observed that I this training institute people are scoring 9/9 Band in IELTS exam as well as 110/120 in TOEFL exam. Mentors in this PTE-Academic coaching center are not Rigid for timing so whenever I reached to the Super Achievers Abroad Education, Shobhit Sir and Dolly madam have put their efforts to surge my skills.

    Kapil kumar Bansal,

  • I feel glad to be the student of Super Achiever Abroad Education and I am convinced that Strategic of educators in this PTE-Academic training institute are astonishing, moreover, they have offered me guidance as per my convenience time. I strongly believe that this is credible coaching institute for PTE-Academic, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT exams.

    Meeya Khan,

  • I have scored 7 band in each of IELTS-General exam. I am professional Chartered Accountant and this was my first and last attempt to oversea English test. All the credit of my success goes to Shobhit Sir and Dolly madam because they understood my credential and offered my customized course which is the precursor to my scintillating performance in IELTS exam.Similarly, I perceived that people in this institute and scoring 110/120 in TOEFL exam. This is the reason why I recommend Super Achievers Abroad Education as a best training center for IELTS test in Delhi NCR like Faridabad,Delhi,Gurgaon and all other near places.


  • I have observed that Super Achievers Abroad Education is the only one reasonable Pte-Academic coaching institute in Delhi NCR where teachers are dedicated towards students' result, delivering fascinating lectures and boosting courage and enthusiasm of aspirants, therefore, I could be scored 90/90 in PTE-Academic speaking skill and overall 75 points. I want to say that due to Shobhit Sir and Dolly madam, my way to Australia is cleared.


  • I have scored 85% in my first attempt. Thanks you shobhit sir for your support and guidance in PTE-Academic exam. It is true that your strategies and scintillating and shortcut to surge students' skill in Pearson Test of English.

    I believe that Super Achievers Abroad Education is a boon for those people who are preparing for any international exam like IELTS, PTE-Academic, TOEFL and any other.

    So, dear folks, do not waste your time and money in any other means of preparation. Join Shobhit Sir's classes for PTE-Academic.

    You can watch my video also. I wish to share my exam experience which mentors will show in during your preparation.



    Raghu Raja Dewan,Pearson Test of English 80 ineach overall 85

  • Swati Bajpai,

  • I assert that three aspects contribute to my fascinating performance in PTE-Academic exam. Firstly, techniques of Shobhit sir. second, my hard-work, and lastly, intensive study material of Super Achievers Abroad Education.


    Anurag Saboo,PTE-Academic 83 points

  • This is a great institute for the PTE-Academic exam and my teacher Shobhit Sir is PTE-expert who trained me to score 65 points in each just for 22 days.

    Mentor has myriad of technical skills in this connection. His time management strategies, Vocabulary, and Reading techniques helped me a lot.

    Vandna Sheoran,PTE-Academic 65 in each overall 72

  • Dr. Aayesha,IELTS BAND 8

  • Vipin,pte academic 90 points in speaking

  • Satyen Sharma,PTE Academic 89/90 in speaking

  • Mandeep,PTE-Academic SPEAKING 83, 65 in each

  • Anshuman,IELTS BAND 8

  • I am sure this Super Achievers Abroad Education is the best training center for PTE-Academic and IELTS exam, because I have visited to thousand institute nearby and in Punjab, but I observed and Shobhit Sir and Dolly madam seriously consider student's preparation.

    They just focus on learners's SWOT but not  like other institutes who are misguiding student through various other activities those are not concerning to the exam such as personality development, English speaking and so on.

    Gultej,76 points in PTE-Academic in Gurgaon

  • Due to request, we can not show,PTE-Academic

  • Prabodh Khare,PTE-Academic

  • I have scored 88 points in PTE-academic test with 15 days preparation with Shobhit Sir.

    I agree with this statement that Super Achievers Abroad Education is the Best training center for all international exam like IELTS, PTE-Academic, TOEFL or SAT.

    Because I personally recognized that students are scoring 90/90 in PTE-Academic and BAND 9/9 in IELTS exam. Along with various success stories in TOEFL and SAT exam.

    So, I stronglly recommend that you should not go for any personally development course in Gurgaon such as various institutes are thinking that PTE-Academic is a personality development course.


    VISHAL,88 POINTS in 15 day with Shobhit Sir

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