Best CELPIP LS Coaching Center in Gurgaon|CELPIP LS Training Institute in Gurgaon

CELPIP LS Coaching in gurgaon

Best CELPIP LS Coaching in Gurgaon

CELPIP-LS Stands for The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program in which L means Listening and S means speaking.

Why CELPIP LS Coaching

This is a computer delivered exam with is approved by IRCC for Canadian Citizenship Applications.

In this exam, you have to appear for only two modules, not for all four modules. Its score is known as CLB. Seeing that CELPIP is a new exam, therefore, there are many FAQ frequently asked questions about it. This is the section, we will discuss about CELPIP LS.

This exam tests your English Proficiency with Canadian ascent. There will be a computer in CELPIP examination center that present 6 modules in Listening and 8 modules in CELPIP speaking.

All activities will be rated on the basis on CLB. You should target CLB 9 with LS version.

FAQ Frequently asked questions about CELPIP LS

Q-1 Why I need to appear for LS?

A-1 If you are applying for spouse-visa and your partners have scored CLB 10 then you need to appear to fulfil visa requirements in Canada.

Q-2 What is CLB?

A- CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Q-3 What is CLB Level

A- There is a maximum level of CLB is 12 which is equal to IELTS Band 9. Being the main visa-applicant you need to score CLB 10 which is equal to IELTS Band 7.

Q-4 What is the format of CELPIP?

A- Detailed information is given on other pages

Q-5 What is the total tenure of CELPIP LS

A- Approx 45 minutes for Listening & Approx 15-20 minutes for Speaking.

Q-6 How many times can I appear for CELPIP LS.

A- There is no limit

Q-7 Where is the examination centre for this exam?

A- CELPIP examination centre is located in Chandigarh, India. It is approximately 3 hours away from Delhi NCR.

Q-8 Where can I get its study materials?

A-Super Achievers Abroad Education in Gurugram has a wide range of CELPIP mock-tests.

Q-9 How can I prepare for CELPIP?

A- You can join the CELPIP coaching centre in Gurugram or ask for online schedules.

Q-10 How can I book CELPIP exam?

A-Super Achievers Abroad Education is the official CELPIP exam registration Center.

Q-11 What is the validity for CELPIP scorecard?

A-It is valid for 2 years.

Q-12 What is the difference between CELPIP General and CELPIP LS

A- In CELPIP general, you have to write four tests but in CELPIP LS you have to write only two.

Q-13 What is CELPIP Academic?

A- Till now, CELPIP Academic is not in existance. But Paragon and British Columbia are about to introduce it very soon.