Best CELPIP Exams Day Tips|CELPIP Coaching in Gurgaon



Carry original passport and its copy. Do not forget to reach early and the exam centre but before that take a healthy meal and sound sleep. Before sitting in the exam, do not forget to get fresh for the toilet.

As we are the centre for CELPIP exam preparation, our candidates have many FAQ about this. I want to share a few of those frequently asked questions. CELPIP is the exam of your regular communication skills but tips and techniques can improve it. Be careful, learning is as important as assessment and doubt sessions. This is the reason why there should be no doubt in your mind when you are about to appear for it.

  1. Where can I get study material for CELPIP preparation?

    Super Achievers Abroad Education is the official PTE-Academic exam registration center and official distributor of Pearson Study Materials.

  2. Should I carry stationery.

    Yes, you must carry a blue/black pen with one pencil.

  3. Does typing speed may affect scores?

    No, time is more than enough

  4. How many days, will it take to declare results.

    4-5 days after the exam day

  5. Where is examination centre?

    It is located in Chandigarh.

  6. Where is the CELPIP examination centre in Delhi?

    In India, there is only one examination centre for CELPIP GT & LS.

  7. How many people will be in an examination centre?

    There will be up to 16 or 20 people in your centre.

  8. What more I have to care during the exam?

    There is be a lot of noise during your CELPIP speaking. Therefore, it is recommended that do regular practice with CELPIP expert-like Dolly Madam or Shobhit Sir,

  9. How can I think that I am ready for the exam?

    Understanding with the rubric of Celpip exam will help you to assess yourself.