We are conducting are counselling for followings.

1- Exam preparation tips for Students:

We suggest candidates how to manage exam stress for this purpose we do counselling and help to preparation an effective planning. We do a regular counselling with examinee.

Benefits: Stress free exam preparation improves scores Motivational counselling improves examinee's mental-health Overall development of candidate's personality including his family-members Such counselling helps to build a strong career.

  • Course duration :- One month
  • Counselling duration in each session :- 30 minutes
  • Fee each session :- 500 INR
  • Minimum sessions required :- 10 Nos.

2- Communicational skills for Students or Professionals:

What we do?
Improvement in Communication skill requires development in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.These may be summarized like Understanding with others' thought and Convensing power of presentator.

Improvement in all four modules of communication is real with motivational counselling and well-planned practice.

Benefits: Career growth
Problem solving techniques
Become an Ideal for others

  • Course duration :- One month to 3 months
  • Counselling duration in each session :- 60 minutes
  • Fee everymonth :- 11,000/- INR

3- Motivational counselling for everyone

Main purpose of this course is to remove fear of unsuccess. I has researched that performance pressure cause negative effects not only on physical health but also confidence and learning capabilities.

  • Course duration :- 15 days
  • Counselling duration in each session :- 60 minutes
  • Fee :- 15000 per person

4- Business writing for Professionals:

Email writing is every crutial skill in these days. Along with it, various types of written presentations are needed in a business communication. Therefore effective style of presenation is needed to conveience the reader.

Benefits: Business oriented skill development
satisfy your clients
Become a content writer
Choose a career as blog-writer or website content developer
Interact effectively with overseas and domestic clients

  • Course duration :- 1 month
  • Duration of sessions :- 60 minutes each
  • Fee :- 15000 each