2 thoughts on “IELTS Essay writing-1”

  1. In present days,we find everything available on Internet.We have information of things happening around the whole world on a single platform.As we know,we are living in the era of globalization.In this modern age,humans have developed many advanced technologies which are not only relevant for knowledge purpose but also serve as a medium of amusement.We can take example of a number of electronic gadgets which include cell phone,laptop,television and so on.
    In my point of view,these online resources are very much useful for citizens.Because in this western world,people are very busy.They want every facility easily.So,online accessibility of reading materials and source of entertainment are beneficial for users as these save both time and money. Suppose anyone is travelling by train and has already a lot of luggage with him.In this situation, he can pass his time by reading novels on his cellphone.There is no need to have a book for this purpose.Here, we can say that it saves paper.There is also another advantage of having internet facility.We can learn any skill by simply browsing on it.So, there is no need of any training institute or expert.Thus,there can be a lot of savings in terms of money as well.
    On the other hand,there can be negative impacts of such facilities.
    Firstly,there is diminishing the use of paper at a fast pace.As a result of which, people working in paper industries and those involved in jobs related to this field will become unemployed and the day is not far when the rate of unemployment will increase fast.
    Secondly,there is fear for the skilled persons to loose their importance in the society .This is because nobody wants to spend a huge amount on such things if they are available free of cost online.
    In conclusion,it can be said that though there a several negative effect of these technologies but we cannot deny its usefulness in day to day life.

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