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  1. Parents should be lawfully responsible towards their offspring’s as it depends on how and what they teach and up bring the child with.

    Unthinkable acts are being initiated by kids such as setting fellow students on fire, sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious student, attacking and beating homeless people, and excessive group bullying leading to suicide. Such acts cannot be excused and henceforth mother and father both should be held responsible along with the kid. For example, if a teenager, under 18 years, without having driving license, drives a two wheeler or four wheeler, Guardians should be held for allowing their teen to drive. It will be considered parents negligence than of the kid.

    However, there are scenarios where parents eventually loose their control over the kids. Parents raise their children the best that they can. They can teach a child right and wrong, and can give punishments. However, when a child grows up and in adolescence, they take steps for which they regret for entire life. For example, the Nirbhaya’s case, where the adolescent was convicted.

    I feel the bottom line is that parents must take a keen interest in the upbringing of their children. Teaching kids the difference between right and wrong is the their responsibility and should not be delegated to some else. When it comes to raising kids, we all need to talk and teach by example.

      1. This discussion has been debatable whether parents should be legally liable towards their children or not and each side has logical arguments. I strongly believe that parents should be held moral and legally responsible for their children’s actions.

        On the other hand, critics may pointed that parents should never be legally involved for their children’s behavior. For example, in teenage, most of the kids don’t listen parents as they have hormonal and behavioral change. As a result, they are trapped into troubles. Hence, parents don’t want to take legal responsibility of their wards especially when they are teenager or independent.

        However, as per my opinion, parents should be legally liable as they play a vital role in their life. Firstly, due to busy and hectic schedule, modern parents spend less time with their kids. Therefore, children follow either their friend or any other role model without knowing consequences. That’s why it is very essential that parents spend sufficient time with their kids to guide them about wrong and right.

        Secondly, parents are role model for their kids. If parents will not follow law or rules then why kids will follow? To make youth effective, parents should also take few steps to improve themselves and that will happen only when there are certain rules where parents should be legally bound.

        Lastly, there are numerous example where parents help kids in their crime. Just taking a recent hit and run accident that happened in Delhi where juvenile crashed a professional with over speeding car and parents presented driver as an accuse in court.

        In conclusion, I reckon parents should be legally responsible for their acts so that young generation can do much better for themselves and society.

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