PTE-Academic essay writing – 2

In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country.

Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

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  1. Undoubtedly today there are multiple venues to study abroad, courtesy to the globalization in the society. Number of students studying in foreign countries has increased tremendously. As a matter of fact there are always pros and cons of each phenomena, study abroad is not an exception.

    I firmly believe that education abroad gives undergrads a chance to join institutes which are more advanced in fields which they want to pursue. Education system in developed countries is quite advanced and imparts an option for scholars to get better education. It is not only education but the exposure to the culture of society, country also makes a significant impact on student’s personal development and attitude towards life.

    On the other side it normally happens that undergraduates who go out of the country for further education do not come back as they like the culture, advanced infrastructure, easy life in developed countries. In official parlance we say it diaspora. As a result of that native country does not get any benefit from students’ advanced education.

    To summarize, I reckon there are negative as well as positive impact of this development. Positive from the perspective of individual where as negative in context of country. But I think positive influence outweighs here as reverse brain drain also happens which helps the countries in their growths.

    1. various grammatical mistakes like punctuation and form of words.
      But paragraphs are reasonable but with-out recommended vocabulary as I have shared like G-1 and G-2 vocab lists.

      Idea of 3rd Para is partially referencing to the topic owing to assumption of something elase.

      Overall, it is good but may be on border line of 65 points, therefore, please discuss me in the class.

  2. With 21st century many changes come to play in our society. One of such changes is the change of the mindset of youth which reflects back strongly in their expression to study abroad to take up a post secondary education. Unlike past they tend to move out of their motherland and specialize on college convocation in subjects of their choice. This transformation have major benefits like global exposure , self dependence and higher confidence level personnel yet, on the other side lows like higher cost investments and teething issues of settling in a non native nation can also not be ignored.
    Firstly, as the platform of opportunities to get jobs is available across the globe, choosing out of own country benefits youth a lot. To illustrate this I would like to talk about one of my cousins who decided to move out for higher education to London where he completed his bachelors in mechanics. He is now successfully working in London with a very big firm and he is earning well. He gives all credit to his decision of moving out and studying abroad. This brings to light advantages like getting acquainted with global needs and also raises confidence.Moreover, its important part of growing up to be able to manage daily needs outside the support of parents and relatives. For example, studying abroad makes one self dependent. Doing and managing things by own gives experiences that come handy in the process of maturing.
    However, there may be at times this decision to move abroad for education may not get fruitful as it involves high capital investment. For example, to study in america for graduation comes to cost about 25 Lakhs INR an year which may be a very high ask in Indian setup for a middle class family.
    So overall its evident that there are lot of benefits of studying abroad only if one can afford the same and keep the focus of getting a high paid job along with the personality development of the young people.

  3. These days, there is the constant debate between people regarding going abroad to complete their graduation and post-graduation. People in back days, choose to study in their own country rather than going to someone other’s nation. However, I strongly feel advantages of going abroad outweighs the disadvantages.
    There are several reasons, why I feel it is good to study outside somewhere students can get the better education. One possible reason is that completing graduation abroad gives teenagers more exposure in their respective fields. Another reason is technical studies are more advanced than one’s native country like India.Furthermore, there are opportunities to gain practical knowledge with your studies by doing job/internship side by side which enhances their capabilities of working according to industry norms.

    On the Other hand, several people argue about going abroad for studies. They personally feel undergraduates do not serve their country after completing studies instead they start working for other’s nation and this can significantly affect native country’s GDP growth. Also, people start losing interest for their culture which affects nation badly.

    While there are strong aspects from both side, my opinion students should understand their responsibility and serve the nation in the better way by getting more advanced knowledge from overseas studies.

  4. Earlier students after completing their Intermediate degree course used to pursue higher education from their own native country.But in present scenario, there is a tendency among youths to move abroad for higher education.
    In my point of view,this mindset of youngsters has really a positive impact on their growth in terms of career as well as their personal growth.They adopt culture, lifestyle and eating habbits of that country very easily.In terms of professional growth also,studying abroad is a boon for scholars as foreign companies hire such students at a very high pay scale.As a result, young persons settle themselves in less time period as compared to their homeland.To illustrate this, I will take an example of my maternal uncle who did undergraduate course from Canada in Computer Science.He started his corporate life just after the completion of his degree and today he is earning a handsome salary.
    But every coin has two sides.There are certain cons also.Firstly, there is a need of huge capital investment for studying abroad which is not affordable for a person belonging to a middle class family.Secondly,there is a trend of brain drain which is not good for the our country.
    In conclusion,it can be said that though there are some demerits of moving to foreign nations for higher studies, still its benefits cannot be ignored.

  5. An Education system that assesses the student’s learning by written exam is correct? What is your view?

    Students learning skills can be assessed by many methods like written tests, oral tests, practical, etc. But the most common way used around the world to assess the skills is by written test. In my opinion this should not be the final method to judge the knowledge of a student.

    Now a day, practical play a vital role to improve one’s knowledge, and also practically performed things are stored by our mind for longer durations as compared to the knowledge gained by just reading. All the technical duties can only be performed by students in their professional life only if they have done practical. Such as Scientists, Doctors and Engineers need to perform lot of tests, experiments and designing which has to be done practically to see the consequences and results.

    On the other hand, there are many subjects and skills which are vital to be assessed by written tests like language learning, mathematics calculations, social science, etc. However such skills can be checked through an oral test, but it will require a lot to assessor’s time to complete the task. So it is better to perform a written test to assess skills which require no technical or practical knowledge, and it also helpful to judge handwriting, time management and in depth knowledge of some language.

    Keeping all methods into consideration, I believe it is better to check student’s knowledge by written test as well as by performing practical exams where technical knowledge and skills are vital to be assessed.

  6. In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country.

    Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?

    You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

    As there is huge difference in level of education in developing and developed countries, students are now eager to get university degree from some top most university of the world. Earlier pupils were not much aware of options to move abroad for study, but globalization played a vital role to open new ways. As there are many advantages of this development but there is always other side of the door.

    First of all, it is always advantageous to get better training from top educational hubs on the globe, which gives exposure to world class professors and study material. Study abroad is also a kind of business for some countries and universities as they earn a good amount of money from folks coming to them for study. So this phenomenon will be reasonable if people will achieve their expertise from reputed universities abroad, therefore, they feel well satisfied from their professional life.

    On the other hand, for getting educations from abroad, students have to spend a lot of money to obtain same education which can be obtained from their native land at much lesser cost because such course of action also effects the country’s economy if higher number of folks tends to do so. It is also a difficult task for students to adopt the culture of visiting country and understanding their language.

    I believe, government of developing countries should upgrade their education level to avoid such movement and prevent the considerable amount of money from going abroad. To conclude I would say there are number of pros and cons in various aspects of moving to other country for study.

  7. In this twenty first century, several students are moving from their native land to other to persue higher studies. Such a trend has both splendid and curse effects, which this essay will cover.

    To begin with, when an individual shift to other nation, especially developed one for studies, he may receive several benefits such as scholarships, gaining knowledge on a global platform, high incentive job openings and many more, which may be available for him if he study in his own country. Therefore, the individual will attain the astonishing peaks in terms of growth.

    On the other hand, such phenomenon has dark side too. Firstly, the youth and money both are transferring to other nation and it will have curse effect on economy and young population of the nation, which further enhance the roots of the country in a shoddy manner.

    To conclude, this trend has both credible and harmful effects, and I reckon, it is the responsibility of the government of every nation to provide high standard study facilities to their students.

  8. In this twenty-first century, several individuals from different origins of the world move from their native land to other to persue higher education. I reckon this phenomenon has both credible and curse effects and the essay will cover the both.

    To begin with, such trend of shifting of students owing to provide excellent study environment, financial assistance and better job opportunities such as high wages openings, scholarships, high quality learning techniques and many more. For example, majority of proffessionals at higher occupation in United States companies as like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and so on are Asian nationalists.

    On the other hand, this occurrence of movement cause to some harmful effects, like youth and money of a nation is transferring to other country and this will effect economy of that particular region and should create limitation of highly caliber individuals. To illustrate, lots of Indians after completing their graduation from best technical institutes are migrating to America or Europe for higher studies and after completing it they like to stay and work for that particular nation and India is exporting technology from such countries at a high cost.

    To conclude, movement of students to abroad for higher education has several positives and negatives and i assert it is the responsibility of the government of every nation to minimize its dark side.

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