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  1. Over the past few decades, there is a constant debate on academic system. While it is possible to claim that education is one the most important thing to become a better human being and to enhance the overall development of the person, my personal point of view is that the way current education system follows to assess student’s capabilities is not good enough to strengthen their overall skills.

    There are several reasons why I feel paper-based exams are the hindrance to student’s capabilities. One of them is that it will test only their writing skill not reading, listening and speaking skills which I feel they are also as important as writing skills.Further, I believe that by written exams pupil can show what they have learnt over the past academic year just by cramming some important topics and gets a fail when they have been told to speak in front of others regarding the same topic.

    While it can be argued that written exams bring the capabilities to present their ideas in written form to a third person. For example, they should know how to write an application request or how to write their “CV” to find a job.I personally feel that writing skills are just not enough to achieve your goal instead it is the combination of all speaking, reading, listening and writing to achieve your goal.

    To sum up, I reckon education system could have been better if they start taking presentations on random topics along with written exams.I would strongly recommend that schools and other academic institutes should focus on teenager’s speaking skills as well so that they can know how to present yourself in front of others.

  2. Students learning skills can be assessed by many methods like written tests, oral tests, practical, etc. But the most common way used around the world to assess the skills is by written test. In my opinion this should not be the final method to judge the knowledge of a student.

    Now a day, practical play a vital role to improve one’s knowledge, and also practically performed things are stored by our mind for longer duration as compared to the knowledge gained by just reading. All the technical duties can only be performed by students in their professional life only if they have done practical. Such as Scientists, Doctors and Engineers need to perform lot of tests, experiments and designing which has to be done practically to see the consequences and results.

    On the other hand, there are many subjects and skills which are vital to be assessed by written tests like language learning, mathematics calculations, social science, etc. However such skills can be checked through an oral test, but it will require a lot to assessor’s time to complete the task. So it is better to perform a written test to assess skills which require no technical or practical knowledge, and it also helpful to judge handwriting, time management and in depth knowledge of some language.

    To summarize, keeping all methods into consideration, I believe that it is better to check performance of people in their academic life by written test as well as by performing practical exams where technical knowledge and skills are vital to be assessed.

  3. The mode of examine the understanding of a student is a debatable issue over the long duration of time. Some people have a perception that text review by writing is acceptable. I assert this process is not the sufficient way to evaluate the academic work and this essay will cover the various aspects behind this.
    To begin with, the determination of knowledge of an individual cannot be entirely acheive through paper test owing to the techical field includes huge portion of practical work along with theoretical one. For example, science field involves almost equal weightage for theory and experiment parts. Hence, both these modes are playing equally important roles.
    On the other hand, only adopting such phenomenon can be consider credible in some aspects, on account of judging non-technical subjects which require only knowledge of the subject and not its implementation. To illustrate, during the entrance examination for a bachelor or master degree the computation of extent of grip of a person can be only calculated through paper exam.
    To conclude, analysing performance only through dictation cannot be considered as entirely justifiable for some sectors and for such sectors execution of the basic principles on a moderate scale is equally crucial.

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