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  1. Undoubtedly, Laptops or CPU enabled devices , has dominated the entire world completely with their extraordinary features of making life easier than before and become an essential part of one’s life nowadays. While it is possible to claim that there are several bad effects of this computing machine on human beings, my personal point of view is that advantages outweigh disadvantages. In this essay, I will explain the advantages of this electronic device.

    There are several reasons why I support the programmable devices are the best creative thing around the globe. One of them is that it helps students to do their research work and save that important work for many years. As a result, we can save a lot of paper material and trees which ultimately is beneficial for our environment. Secondly, it can be used for entertainment purpose also. In addition to this, the black box can also be used for business purpose. A lot of businessmen can make the use of this black box to save their account details and all other important material.

    Furthermore, these computing devices can be used by most entrepreneurs to develop various kind of software which can be helpful in the daily routine of human beings. While it can be argued that a lot of time wastage happens as youngsters spend a lot of time playing games and watching movies on it instead doing some productive work. According to me, I will say people should do more creative work on this machine rather doing unwanted stuff that can hinder their career growth.

    To sum up, I reckon computers technology is the best ever thing happen to mankind. I would strongly recommend people to make good use the computers and enjoy the technical benefits of this electronic device in your respective fields.

  2. Indubitably, since the invention of programmable devices, world has seen unimaginable changes in the way of living. I accept that there are some disadvantageous aspects of computer technology, but in my opinion the number of advantages over-cum the negativity, and current generation cannot afford to lose benefits of computers.

    Computer based devices are used in the form of laptops, desktops, portable music players, global positioning system and in many other households, and these gadgets ease the way of doing daily activity. For instance, one can gain any kind of knowledge through internet and talk to professionals all around the world to sort out any issue. In today’s fast life, technology is very helpful in keeping friends and relatives in touch through video calls and several social networking sites like Facebook.

    Furthermore, I opine that its up to ourselves how technology is utilized. Many folks are so much addicted that they remain in touch with their laptop or mobile device 24 x 7. Such use of these devices can cause severe to critical health hazards, which can be lead to unhealthy life span. For example, watching movies, playing games and continuous chatting for longer period of time is very harmful for human eyes.

    To conclude, I would say there are many benefits of computer technology on our social life, and any negative points, what so ever, can be avoided by proper utilization of devices for good purposes.

  3. Computer is one of the most promising invention of the past century and it offers several astonishing services for the betterment of the humanity. I opine it is unjustified to say that it has more dark side in comparison to credible one.
    To begin with, by application of such technology in our daily routine owing to run a smooth and happy life, which in turn saves our huge portion of time reduces mental stress of work. To illustrate, by involving computers in banking sector, many transctions can be completed with in seconds between different parts of the world, irrespective the huge distance. Moreover, in medical arena under the guidance of such innovation, lots of crucial lives can be saved which was not possible in the past.
    On the other hand, this phenomenon has shoddy effects too, like every coin has two sides, on account of number of anti- social activists are using this technique to create violence in the society. For example, terorrist groups are recruiting people, especially youngsters through internet sites like Facebook, Twitter and many monre and attracting them to become part of the killing of innocent people.
    To sum up, every technology has both spendid and curse features and the same can be said for computers, but it is upto human beings how we can tackle the harmful consequences.

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