IELTS Exam day Tips

IELTS Exam day Tips

This is a FAQ about IELTS exam that what to do on IELTS exam day. We want to tell you that when you are about to take the IELTS exam, be ready just one day before and on the same day also. According to IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic exam in 2020, I want to tell you that follow all the advice suggested by IELTS trainers about all four tests.

Now reading following tips for "on the test day" with Last minutes tips needed to be remembered.

Take a complete meal before the exam, Take a sound sleep just one day before it, Do not forget to carry the original passport, You should carry your stationery like a pencil, blue pen, eraser, and sharpener,

Try to reach early in IELTS exam centre, Wear comfortable clothing, Be careful that get fresh from the toilet because during the exam time you will not allowed, You will get water by examination bodies of the IELTS exam, You will not allowed carrying your phone. If you carried then you have to deposit it at your own risk, If you do not have, any wristwatch then do not worry. There will a LED as a clock, Before exam day, take counselling with IELTS expert in Super Achievers Abroad Education, Remember all listening, reading and writing instructions, Try to be cool and calm.

FAQ about IELTS exam day

  1. Q- Will they offer me stationery?

    A- Yes, but are advised to carry your own.

  2. Q- What ID I have to carry during the IELTS exam?

    A- Only passport. Be careful that no other ID is acceptable to write this IELTS exam.

  3. Q-What is the full form of IELTS?

    A-International English Language Testing System

  4. Q-How many times can I write IELTS exam

    A- No limit

  5. Q-What is the validity tenure of IELTS scorecard

    A-2 years

  6. Q-Is there any break during the exam?

    A-No breaks you will get. It is a continuous exam.