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IELTS General Training

IELTS General training exam is accepted for an immigration visa. More than 160 countries are accepting IELTS General training for Permanent Residence. According to Embassies, a person needs some specific points to apply for a visa. These points are based on various factors such as Education, Work Experience, IELTS Score, Age and others. For more details, you can call us.

For PR in Canada, Australia or any other country, minimum Band 7 are needed. But You have to achieve IELTS band 8 in listening. In the other three tests namely IELTS Writing, Reading and Speaking you have to score Band 7.

If you Score are Band 6 in each, still, your application for PR in Canada may be acceptable by Canada embassy but you for your profile you need to visit a visa consultant or you can call us. Then Visa expert will assess your profile and suggest you for IELTS result. The expert of immigration visa will tell you that how many Band in IELTS General Training you are needed.

IELTS General training is for three hours exam, which will start from Listening. After listening to you will do IELTS Reading and Writing Respectively. The format of IELTS Academic and General Training is approximately the same but question type and standard of questions are different.

In Super Achievers Abroad Education, you will get 250+ IELTS General Training Tests. A continuous preparation for IELTS General training will make 8777 possible.

For some specific professions, Embassy asks you to write IELTS Academic for Permanent Residence.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About IELTS GT

  1. Is IELTS General training easier than IELTS Academic

    Yes, IELTS-Academic requires stronger knowledge of English language than IELTS GT.

  2. Is IELTS General training computer based exam?

    Yes, you can choose according to your convenience.

  3. What are writing topics in IELTS GT?

    There are two types of questions. First, Letter Writing and Second, Essay writing.

  4. What is IELTS General training exam fee?

    In December 2019, it is 13,250/- INR