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The TOEFL test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to communicate in English in an academic setting. It accurately measures how well students can read, listen, speak and write in English in the college or university classroom.


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TOEFL stands for the Foreign Language commonly known as TOEFL exam is important to those people who want to study in Canada  and USA if you want to study in USA and Canada you have to at least clear a TOEFL exam this exam is usually taken to clarify how was your English communication skills this English test is important in studying in USA Canada 


If you are failing to cl;ear this exam you are not eligible to study abroad in another country it means the TOEFL exam takes to know that you are eligible to study in the USA and Canada,this exam clarify that you can understand English as well as talk in English it also clarify that your communication skill is good or you are eligible to understand and talks in English Properly,


How many colleges and universities are  Undertaken IN TOEFL 

This is a genuine question when you are going to appear in The TOEFL there are more than 3000  + colleges are affiliated in the banners of TOEFL if you are able to crack the TOEFL exam you have more than 3000+ colleges and universities to take admission in the USA, as well as Canada,.


Who are Appearing For THE TOEFL exam | TOEFL Coaching in Gurgaon 


The Toefl exam is important to those members who wanted to go for an education abroad in other countries. example this exam is only valid in Those only  Two countries Canada and USA if you want to study in the USA and Canada then you have to go for this exam,


How Many Types of Test Under Taken In TOEFL


There are four major Test are coming under the TOEFL Exam these four Tests are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking These all are the four major tests is taken in this exam you have to prepare all the four pattern of the TOEFL to clear the TOEFL


 if you are failing to clear the exam, then you are not failed in the TOEFL exam it means you are not an eligible person who is going for the USA and Canada to the studied you have to make strong all the four major parts of the TOEFL you have to clear all the phase of the exam you have to clear the READINg,Writing,Speaking,Listening

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HOW Many Times we have to Prepare for the TOEFL exam


  If you are searching for the timings of the exam that5 how much time it could take to prepare for the TOEFL exam then the answer is 2 month you have at least prepare for the 2 months to prepare all the important section of the exam these are the four section in a TOEFL exam you have to provide 15 days each sections to clear all the phase you have also going through the Mock Test to clear The TOEFL test

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If you are looking for the best mentor and guide regarding the TOEFL exam then Here we are available to help and guide you for the TOEFL exam we are the best TOEFL coaching in Gurgaon we help more than 10000+ students to clear the TOEFL exam 

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We have the best TOEFL teacher in India MR shobhit Tendon who is the expert in TOEFL  coaching our coaching center Recognised from The TOEFL Exam community we have the rights to provide coaching for the TOEFL exam 


WHO is Shobhit Tandon | Best TOEFL Coaching Center in Gurgaon 


Shobhit Tendon is a director of Super Achievers abroad education he has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of TOEFL coaching our institute just recently crossed 15 years in Gurgaon we are awarded the best TOEFL Mentor in India you can also see from our galleries


We do not judge student to go for the long preparation for the TOEFL we also guide the right information and Right instruction which is important for the student,

Why Join Super Achievers Abroad Education


This is a genuine question that why I want to go for the Super achievers abroad education for the preparation for the TOEFL exam 


Here is the answer to your question if you want to save your Time Money and Clear the TOEFL exam in One Attempt


We have a 98 % success rate of student who can clear The TOEFL exam in one attempt we have more than 15 years of experience in the fields of TOEFL exam then I say that you have to choose for the Super achievers abroad education 


This institute save your time we cannot teach unwanted study exam we provide you Genuine Real Test based Mock test Who help you to clear your exam in only a single Attempt,


We just take 10 hours of your Important time To Prepare for the TOEFL exam in these 10 sessions we provided all types of MOCK Test Training. Tips Recommendation for your exam point of views,


If you want to consume your time and money I am really saying that you have to come at least one time for the super achievers abroad education when you want to Prepare for the TOEFL exam 

What are the Fees of the TOEFL exam | TOEFL Coaching in Gurgaon 


A Fees exam of the TOEFL exam is $180 this is the standard fees these Fees are the same for all the foreigners who are looking For the TOEFL exam this fee is same for all the countries,


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Super Achievers teaching methodology


Reading 3–5 passages, 12–14 questions each 60–100 minutes
Listening 4–6 lectures, 6 questions each
2–3 conversations, 5 questions each
60–90 minutes
Break   10 minutes
Speaking 6 tasks: 2 independent and 4 integrated 20 minutes
Writing 1 integrated task
1 independent task
20 minutes
30 minutes